Armstrong is our main line of equipment but if you prefer a specific brand we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  Armstrong’s new furnaces are only 36″ tall and can go almost anywhere.  What this means to you is there are virtually no limits to where they can be installed.

This is why they are popular in new construction and commercial businesses. We also install Coleman and Inter-therm, which are used mostly in mobile homes.   No matter what your need we can make sure you get the right equipment with a  great warranty.

We can provide you with the equipment that fits your need, whether it be repair/replacement of an old furnace or new construction.

We have furnaces ranging from a basic 80% efficient furnace to a 95% multi-stage variable speed furnace.

Incentive programs

Tax credits and rebates are available if you purchase a high efficiency furnace or heat pump.  Check with your local electric or gas company.