Furnaces: Heating, Repair & Installation

Bolerjack and Sons Heating & Cooling will help you select a product that is best for you.  Whether you need our services from furnace repair to heating and installation, you can feel comfortable that we will provide it – we can provide you with an excellent product and an excellent warranty.


We have furnaces for every application and range that we can provide you with.  Our goal is to provide you with the best brand names for heating in your home and business. We will find the right furnace to fit your needs and the best installation and technician to repair your existing furnace.


Montana Incentives Program – Dakota Utilities CO./Yellowstone Valley Electric

We will provide you with recommendations for your heating/cooling upgrades and installations.  In Montana, there are electric companies like Montana-Dakota Utilities and Yellowstone Valley Electric Co-op that offer a residential natural gas heating conservation program. Financial incentives are available to encourage residential consumers to initiate natural gas conservation measures in their homes and are available to Montana-Dakota’s residential natural gas customers in Montana as well as other possible rebates/incentives through Yellowstone Valley Electric Co-op so check with us and we’ll offer our knowledge of incentives for you that we know of.